Leppäviita Daycare Center / Espoo

The modern "green" Leppäviita daycare center built in Leppävaara

Vacation Homes / Inkoo

A two-family house entity located on the Inkoo archipelago

Friisilä Houses / Espoo

Two beautiful homes built in Friisilä

Tähtisade / Espoo

Tähtisade office building in Friisilä

Elisa Corp Office Spaces

Ideark has designed several commercial and office spaces for the Elisa Corporation

Areal Renovations / Imatra

Residential area was livened with a clever reorganisation of the room divide and a skilful use of colour

Villa / Kuusamo

Designs for a Swiss client

Airport Hotel

A 300-room hotel situated in the Helsinki Airport area

Vacation Houses / Luosto

Three interconnected kelo-wooden villas. Situated on a pristine vacational housing area on the shores of a beautiful lake

Mäkitervakko / Espoo

Villa Mäkitervakko is a single-family home located in Lahnus, Espoo

HC Helsingin Munkkiniemenpuisto

A unit of three separate houses built on a wedge-shaped lot on the edge of a park

Vacation Home / Tammisaari

Fitted into the landscape, on a top of a hill in Tammisaari is a group of vacational houses well-suited for spending time with

Backas Mansion Area / Vantaa

A study into the development of a historical mansion area for modern needs

Delta-auto / Koskelo

A commissioned study for the relocation of Delta-auto facilities to Koskelo, Espoo

Espoo Housing Fair / Twilight

Single-family home "Twilight" at the 2006 Espoo Housing Fair

Daycare Center Renovations / Espoo

Partial renovations of the Lähderanta daycare center

Office Headquarters / Otaniemi

Headquarters built in the vicinity of Alvar Aalto's Otaniemi University Campus area in the 1980s

Villa Juntti / Hailuoto

Villa Juntti is a year-round villa located on the island of Hailuoto in the Gulf of Bothnia

Brand Design / Ramada

Ideark designed the architectural image for the international Ramada hotel chain in Finland

Seurahuone Socis / Helsinki

The assembly and festival halls of the hotel section in Armas Lindgren's historical "Kaleva" house have undergone several impr

Helsinki Squash Club

Helsinki Squash Club is a study of an ideal activity space for a squash club and its members.

Areal Renovations / Savonlinna

Renovation on a block of flats in Savonlinna

TelePresence and Video Conference Rooms

TelePresence- and video conference rooms provide a time saving and ecological solution for long distance meetings

Erkkolanranta / Oulu

A single family home located in a well-off neighborhood on the shores of the Oulu river

Villa Wideview / Kirkkonummi

Situated on a beautiful vantage point, Villa WideView has reached its moving in stage

Areal Design / Tikkurila

Studies into the possibilty of re-using an existing building as an art gallery or replacing it with a new construction altoget

Saunalahti Daycare Center / Espoo

City of Espoo together with the Finnish Association of Architects organized an explorative invited competition for a daycare c

Gammelbacka Areal Renovations / Porvoo

Gammelbacka in Porvoo was one of the very first objects of regional area renovations in Finland

Bus Station & Shopping Mall / Karkkila

Juska Junttila designed the main buildings of Karkkila's "city center" surrounding the Bus Station complex.

Loft Workspace

Ideark has brainstormed a multifuction centre that offers a market squere-like building area at a traffic crossroads